Young Scientist Forum (YSF)

The YSF aims to provide young scientists in the field of Biofabrication with a platform to discuss their research and establish their network with other fellow young scientists to facilitate the development of their research and to advance the field of Biofabrication. Mentors of the YSF help to advise young investigators by sharing their experience and knowledge with them.

Recent activities of the YSF
At the first YSF Kick-off meeting at the Inter national conference Biofabrication 2014 in Pohang, Korea. Three mentors generously agreed to talk about their own careers and give advice to the young scientists on what they think are important career decisions to make. The three mentors for the YSF event 2014 were Lorenzo Moroni from the Maastricht University, Tim Woodfield from the University of Otago and Jusang Doh from POSTECH. The mentors talks were followed by three talks from young scientists, where they gave insight into what they believe to be current issues and topics young investigators should focus on. These topics included mentorship and failure culture. The evening was wrapped up with a banquet, where the young scientists had a chance to network and talk about the future of the field of Biofabrication.

YSF Members
Ferry Melchels, University Medical Center Utrecht
Mischa Muller, ETH Zurich
Carlos Mota, University of Maastricht