2023 ISBF Election for the open Board Positions

A total of 14 candidates have confirmed their interest in running for the open Board of Directors positions. To be inclusive of all member participation, we will conduct an online election.

The 2023 ISBF Election for the Board of Directors will be conducted electronically. All members will receive a separate email to cast vote. The results will be announced at the Annual General Meeting during the 2023 Biofabrication Conference in Canada, as well as posting on the ISBF website.

The list of candidates is as follows. Please click on the name of candidates to view their biographies.


  1. Gabriella Lindberg
  2. Liquin Ning
  3. Sang Jin Lee
  4. Sarah Heilshorn
  5. Shaochen Chen
  6. Utkan Demirci


  1. Elena De Juan Pardo
  2. Hee Gyeong Yi
  3. Heungsoo Shin
  4. Hyun-Wook Kang


  1. Aleksandr Ovsianikov
  2. Carmelo De Maria
  3. Daniel Nieto
  4. Riccardo Levato